Efeitos secundários da epidural

Não defendo que todas as mulheres do mundo devem parir sem epidural mas acredito que todas tem o direito de conhecer os seus efeitos secundários. Não concordo que a maioria das pessoas se recuse a falar, e chegue a negar, os efeitos secundários desta anestesia.

Things To Know About Epidurals:
1. Causes longer labors with slower progress.5 6
2. Can cause fevers in mothers during childbirth. 7
3. Increase use of pitocin by as much as 3 ½ times, which causes slow and irregular
contractions. 5 8
4. Increases use of antibiotics in your baby by as much as 4 times. 4
5. Increases use of forceps by as much 4½ - 20 times.5
6. Causes neonatal jaundice due to altered red blood cells. 9
7. Increases the incidence of birth trauma due to the use of mechanically assisted
deliveries. 10 11
8. Causes adverse behavioral effects of the neonate


The Epidural Epidemic


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