Mitos e mais mitos - Da concepção à idade adulta

Estes dois são imperdíveis (não, não estão em destaque por acaso):
Myth: Daycare Is Harmless and Able to Meet the Needs of Infants and Young Children.

Myth: It is possible for both parents to have a full-time career and fully meet the needs of a young child.  

E continua.......

Myth: The Newborn's Senses and Feelings Are not Well Developed

Myth: The Newborn Has no Sensation, Emotional Affect, or Ability to Feel Pain or Pleasure

Myth: Separating Mother and Newborn after Birth Is Harmless

Myth: Hospital Nurseries Offer Newborns a Safe Haven

Myth: Hospital Nurseries Protect Infants from Infection

Myth: A Child's Sleeping with Parents Should not Be Allowed

Myth: Fully Meeting An Infant's Needs, Sometimes Called Attachment Parenting, Is Impractical and Exhausting.

Myth: Fully Meeting an Infant's Needs Creates a Spoiled and Overly Dependent Child

Myth: Mothers Know Instinctively How to Breastfeed.

Myth: Formula Feeding Is Almost as Good as Breastfeeding

Myth: Weaning Before Age Two Is Natural and Normal

Myth: IQ Is the Chief Measure of a Child's Ability to Be Effective and Successful at School and in Adult Life

Myth: Children's Intellectual Abilities Are Independent of Their Ability to Give and Receive Love.

Myth: Learning, Thought, and Intelligence Is a Process of the Brain Alone.

Myth: Schools Are the Best Places for Children to Learn

Myth: Homeschoolers Don't Do as Well as School Children

Myth: Homeschoolers Don't Learn to Socializ

Myth: Children Are Innately Unsocial, Uncooperative, and Untrustworthy

Myth: Children Should Express only Positive Feelings

Myth: Punishments and Rewards Are Effective Ways of Reinforcing Desired Behaviors.

Myth: You Should Praise Your Child Every Day

Myth: Rewards Promote Learning

Myth: Punishments Teach Kids to Behave

Myth: Punishment and Praise Are Effective Ways to Raise Responsible Kids

Myth: ADD/ADHD Is a Medical or Psychological Disorder

Myth: Behavioral Disorders Are Safely Managed by Medications

Myth: ADD-Type Behaviors Are Best Managed by Behavior Modification

Myth: Treatment Programs for Behavioral Disorders Are Effective

 Se este Travis é duro? É. Até para mim é duro ler tudo isto mas não deixa de ser verdade.

Along with the fact that we simply do not have the community, the village, the supportive social milieu that our indigenous sisters had, another major factor contributing to the exhaustion of parents is the fact that many of us have become accustomed to an incredible degree of freedom to pursue our own personal interests--from personal growth workshops and pursuits through furthering our education and career; and an extraordinarily high level of material comforts. Perhaps we can have all of these things, but we may need to do with a little less in some areas, for a limited time, if we are to provide our children with the care and attention that optimizes their emotional, cognitive, and social development. While all parents may not feel able and willing to devote a portion of their lives in this way to their children, it is important that we do not pretend that it makes no difference."

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