Once you have found a place...

Daily Meditation: , September 5, 2010.

"So many humans are like fish out of water! They feel ill at ease,
strangers to the environment they live in; so, as soon as they
can, they leave their family, take themselves off abroad or live
completely on the fringes of society. Actually, the question
humans have to answer does not just concern which place they
should be occupying physically or socially; it is not just their
heart and mind but also their soul and spirit that have to find
good conditions for growth in this place. So long as they do not
find their place, they are like seeds waiting to be sown. And
their place is a fertile earth, the spiritual earth, where they
will be able to grow. So many people are still like seeds stored
in a granary!
Once you have found a place for your heart, your mind, your soul
and your spirit, you will be in your true place. Then, wherever
you are, whatever your material and social situation, it will
feel like the right place."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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