Do trabalho aos filhos | Dos filhos ao trabalho

"I have developed certain habits for helping myself over
those transition moments from *focused on kids* to *focused on writing* and vice versa. I usually transition from kids-to-writing by writing *about* the kids for 15 or 20 minutes---that's how my blog came into being 6 years ago.
The writing-to-kids transition takes more mental effort, if I've been deep into the work--it can be a bit like when you wake up from a vivid dream and you're groggy and distracted for a few minutes. Lately my favorite way to make the transition is to visit your Just Add Light and Stir blog. It's like a little shot of mental mom-espresso for my brain, a stimulant for the part of me that wants to be present and attentive and cheerful when I walk back
out into this houseful of kids.

Obrigada Lissa. 


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