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As parents, we discoverd that small citybreaks, with a baby or toddler, can be challenging. Just think about all the things you have to travel with, and the research we need to do, to enjoy the city from a perspective that is interesting for both parents and young children.... complicated?

In Lisbon, it is easy. 

We provide all the baby/ child supplies you know you will need. Just make a list and send it, before your arrival. If it one of the items you asked is not possible/avaiable, we let you know. 

Need a last minute shop to buy a specific baby item? We know where it is.

Need to find one of the Lisbon organic food shops? We take you there.

Need a city break from the city? Near Lisbon there is the sea, the moutains...

Your toddler loves botes, trains, rivers, puppets...? We know where to find it.

We have a Bathroom with bathtub and bath toys.

The master bedroom, when connected to the second room, is suitable for co-sleepers.

Small bed avayble, if requested.

The two bedrooms are each equipped with a double bed.

The apartment is equipped with wood floors.

The kitchen is fully equipped with dishwasher, and plenty of dishes.

... and a lot more.

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Want to take a look to what our Holistic and Kid-friendly Lisbon looks like? 

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