Arco iris

"When children are trusted and treated with respect, they generally become trustworthy and respectful people.  No one tells the children "no, you're too young to do that;" they know their own limits and won't try to do things out of their reach."

"After having raised my child mostly in rainbow gatherings, I really believe this is a wonderful way for children to grow and experience a nurturing community surrounded by loving, respectful adults, and other free children. Without leaders, workers or organizers, everything is done communally, organically and spontaneously by volunteers. Thus the children see the example of giving and receiving in a natural environment.
Though Rainbow Gatherings are like festivals, they differ in that they are non-commercial, non-political, and without drugs, alcohol or electronic devices.
Obviously, most people can't spend all their lives in such communities, but to experience, at least once, a rainbow gathering is to experience trust, respect and unity"



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