Antroposofia, amamentação e co-sleeping - mais um mito esclarecido

Para os antroposóficos como para toda a gente que compreende o Ser Humano - incluindo Steiner - o tempo ideal para a amamentação e o local onde dormem as crianças, não deve ser definido por alguém que não seja a própria criança e seus pais.

"You could hear differences of opinion ranging from "begin weaning" to "completely stop breastfeeding" at 6 months/9 months/12months/when the child begins walking; all depending on the Anthroposophical physician to whom you are listening.  At times a physician, nurse, curative eurythmist, remedial education teacher, Waldorf teacher, Anthroposophist, and so on, will even attempt a direct quote from Dr. Rudolf Steiner which supports their particular view.  But, no direct quotes or writings attributable to Steiner have been found that support any sort of claim that breastfeeding should cease at any specific time."

"The task of the parents is to provide GOODNESS from (pre) birth to 7 years of age. The younger the child, the more the Mother's individuality is the primary director of that protection and nourishment. The Father's individuality is to direct the protection of and nourishment of the mother so that she can protect and nourish the child. The father also must intervene to foster Goodness for the child and is irreplaceable in his purpose to nourish (food and soul!) and protect both mother and child.

The controversy over the "Family Bed" fits in well in this context. If parents can manage to provide their child with the sense that the world is a Good place while their child tries to sleep in a room down the hall then, OK, do it that way. If the child's behavior and acted out feelings do not demonstrate a sense that the world is a Good place sleeping away from the parents, then the parents will find that they need to revise their methods they had intended to provide a sense of Goodness. Some parents have found they meet their children's needs for Goodness best by being with their child throughout the day and night. Most parents who practice this specific method say this allows them to more completely understand their child and respond more appropriately to their child's needs."

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