The primary goal is joyful living.
All other goals are secondary.
All decent parents, of course, want their children to be happy. But they assume that sometimes happiness needs to be sacrificed to get something better.
But for unschooling, peaceful parents meeting any goal must also meet the goal of living life more joyfully.
If meeting a goal means sacrificing joy, then find a better way to meet the goal.
It's simple to write, but not so simple to put it into practice! Our heads are full of "have tos." We're full of fears of what will happen if we don't do what we "have to." Getting rid of those "have tos" and fears is hard to do!
  • The first step is finding something that's better than what you have.
  • The second step is wanting to change.
  • The third step is figuring out how to change.
So, as you read along, you may wonder why I suggest that parents basically make life more difficult for themselves. The reason is because I believe it leads to a much better place. And that better place is a more joyful life for our children and our families."

Joyce Fetteroll

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