dos -0 aos 21 anos... Bondade | Beleza | Verdade

"The task of the parents is to provide GOODNESS from (pre) birth to 7 years of age.  The younger the child, the more the Mother's individuality is the primary director of that protection and nourishment.  The Father's individuality is to direct the protection of and nourishment of the mother so that she can protect and nourish the child.  The father also must intervene to foster Goodness for the child and is irreplaceable in his purpose to nourish (food and soul!) and protect both mother and child."

"When the child reaches the approximate age of 7-14 years, the focus of the parental responsibility is to surround the child with BEAUTY;"

"(...) from approximately 14-21 years of age, the child and all the adults around the child, take up TRUTH.  (...)

"In no case is Goodness abandoned during either of the later developmental periods; rather the developmental task of the age is the primary focus."

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